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Identify hidden issues and receive advice ensuring maximised exposure

A search engine friendly website is the core of your online marketing.

While visually appealing, we have found that websites of varied sizes have ranged from lacking the basics through to harbouring extensive issues.

This has lead to the public release of our website health check. Now businesses of all sizes can identify key issues, opportunities and plot a clear strategic path forward towards increased traffic and growth.

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  • Unlock your websites potential
  • Unlock your websites potential

    criticone website health check is an audit tool providing ongoing web presence assessment. We identify the areas of your website and online marketing that are lacking along with your site's biggest opportunities for growth.

    Irrespective of your skill-set criticone saves you valuable time by taking care of all the research, review, comparison and recommendations. This ensures your time is spent effectively on tasks that provide the biggest rewards.

    Each audit comes with an in-depth online report complete with insights and actionable steps in a language you can understand. The report can be viewed securely from anywhere you can access the web allowing you or your developer to step through it at your own pace.

  • Evolution and keeping ahead of the game

    Your online exposure is impacted by endless variables which Google is constantly tweaking and honing in on.

    Many websites are either lacking elements or have had tactics applied that are questionable.

    This means you may be:

    • limiting your exposure or;
    • acting as a ticking time bomb while you wait for Google to roll out its next update that reduces your exposure and sales

    Your website is a work in progress. As you add, update or remove content it’s quite easy to unknowingly leave something behind that could impact your search engine exposure or consumer perception.

    Regular website health checks allow you to quickly find on page or site wide elements, errors and issues that can impact how Google scores and shows your pages in its search results.

  • Evolution and keeping ahead of the game
  • Keeping up with your competitors
  • Keeping up with your competitors

    Understanding who your true online competitors are can be tricky. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses even harder; and comparing them all across the board is time consuming and challenging to say the least.

    Ensuring you apply the correct keyword phrases into the right pages without over using and repeating each is vital.

    criticone reviews your top Google competitors pages side by side exposing;

    • Keyword variations used
    • Presence of keywords throughout every page element

    By visually comparing your web page elements against leading competitors in a side by side view; you can instantly understand how to improve your page while remaining Google compliant.

  • SEO technical stuff

    Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving and making sure your site is user and Google friendly is a must for online success.

    While some focus on a websites visual appeal, the criticone health check performs a deep review of all elements that impact user appeal and Google exposure. After all an unloved website won't return any leads or sales love back to the business.

    Items we dig deep into and inspect include;

    • page URL, title, description, content consistency and compliance
    • no or incorrect use of meta tags
    • thin/shallow content pages
    • broken and missing indexed pages including 4xx and 5xx errors
    • broken internal and external links to your site
    • onsite and offsite duplicate content pages and elements
    • large pages or images impacting load speed & mobile experience
    • no use or bad use of rel="canonical" tag
    • content frequency and competitor benchmarking
    • Google indexed duplicate site URLs
    • Blocked robots.txt pages
    • Identify any site or page redirects including 301,302
    • mobile friendly
    • and many more..

    Imagine a 30+ page website with a few hidden errors on each page, this can get out of hand quite easily and it all happens in silence..

    Mild through to serious technical problems can often lie below the surface causing Google to have severe issues with your website.

    Apart from visual appeal, exposing and understanding what needs doing to correct and gain Google exposure is important.  Website audits are a key part of building and maintaining an effective website.

  • SEO technical stuff

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