Back-link Analysis

Find and profile inbound links that impact your Google position

Not all links pointing to your website are equal. By discovering and analysing links and pages we can start to understand the quality, relevancy and strength of a given link along with the potential boost it can provide us with.

A quality link is hard to fabricate which is why identifying good link sources that point to your website still holds a lot of weight.

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  • Natural link profile
  • Natural link profile

    Not all links are equal. One quality properly structured link can easily outweigh a much larger quantity of weak links.

    With all the ongoing Google updates focused on identifying low quality content and links, how do you protect your exposure and ensure links pointing to your site meet natural and safe link building standards?

    criticone® identifies and monitors backlinks exposing details for each along with overall trends and profiles including;

    • Strength of each domain that links to your site
    • Top anchor text for all sites linking to you
    • Average link strength trending
    • Link count by country of origin
  • Quality and diversity trumps quantity

    criticone® helps you understand if your link profile as a whole has the proper ratio of keywords and brand based anchor text.

    By discovering heavy and/or unnatural use of specific keywords in your external anchor text links, you're able to;

    • Rectify exisiting issues and avoid Google penalties
    • Put measures in place ensuring a more sustainable approach
    • Avoid losing valuable positions and traffic
    • Ensure future links gained through guest blogging and other resources are unique and relevant

    By reviewing link profiles and applying a quality score criticone® enables you to grade new and existing links. This ensures you’re not wasting time trying to attract links from inferior sites that could hurt your websites reputation.

    As your links grow, criticone®;

    • Finds and displays page and link information painting a clear picture
    • Allows you to manually ad links enabling automatic monthly monitoring
    • Plots link growth or declines along with strength and value of links over time for your site and competitors
  • Quality and diversity trumps quantity
  • Competitor tracking and profiling
  • Competitor tracking and profiling

    Obtaining and maintaining quality links to your website is important if you want to beat your competitors and grow your sites authority. This affects your Google position along with exposure and traffic.

    So what stands in your way? Apart from ensuring your doing the right things, keeping tabs on your competitors and understanding what they are doing online will influence your decisions and actions.

    criticone® tracks your competitor’s and provides metrics including;

    • Link quantity and quality
    • Link trending and average quality score

    Allowing you to compare and better understand what needs doing in order to outperform them.

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