Social Media Monitoring

Track your social footprint from follows through to clicks and website outcomes

Used and monitored correctly, Social media allows voices to be heard and businesses to connect and better understand their audience.

Nielsen research shows 33% of buyers believe what a brand says while 92% believe what their peers say about a brand!

criticone® takes a holistic approach when it comes to social media monitoring tying this into website traffic and conversion metrics.

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  • Engagement
  • Engagement

    There are numerous social media tools for listening to conversations and scheduling communications. On the other hand we have criticone that automatically monitors 2 engagement metrics for each social platform including; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

    These 8 metrics in total provide you with a base insight into your social performance at any given moment. In addition by plotting your performance over time criticone allows you to gauge social trending along with input and reward for each social platform.

  • Traffic

    With a clear understanding of social engagement including tweets, mentions likes and views, it’s now time to measure how these external interactions impact on website traffic and outcomes.

    criticone displays all website traffic along with social media traffic by platform. By understanding what social activity, post or content drove website traffic you can then use this to influence future initiatives and refine your content engagement and broadcast strategy.

  • Traffic
  •  Keep it simple
  • Keep it simple

    Social Media Automation can help you;

    • Identify
    • Utilise
    • Measure
    • Refine

    Analysing and understanding whether your social and website content can be found, consumed, understood and shared is a great starting point.

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