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Real time visitor stats with layered insights

criticone® is designed to present layered information in a simple to understand fashion for beginners right through to advanced users. In addition you are seeing up to the minute data on your website traffic.

For business it’s about generating greater exposure, understanding what works and refining this in order to drive more website traffic and higher outcomes. Unless your viewing traffic layered with other intel then you're wasting your time.

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  • Layered Insights
  • Layered Insights

    Website traffic and conversions are grouped into source categories including; adwords, search engines, direct/bookmarks and social media to name a few. To gauge performance of each stream custom date periods and filters can be applied as required.

    Keywords sending the most search engine traffic to your site are sorted by highest visits/region combinations once again providing clarity and allowing you to pinpoint high achievers along with opportunities.

    Not all traffic is equal and by identifying traffic originating from regions you don’t service empowers you to adjust traffic numbers and better assess business performance and conversions driven from that source. You can also identify additional regions and use this to grow your keyword phrases for stronger long tail and localisation.

  • Google position vs. website analytics

    Although the practice that the phrase search engine optimisation (SEO) covers is rapidly evolving, at a glance criticone can be referred to as SEO analytics. Being a hybrid which looks at your SEO and website traffic allows us to identify risks and present opportunities.

    At a simple level criticone keeps track of how much traffic each keyword sends to your website. This identifies new keyword opportunities that you can add to your monitoring and work on to increase traffic with.

    Simple, time saving and efficient.

    By having a better overall understanding, you can work towards sustainable long term benefits as opposed to short term gains that result in long term pains.

  • Google position vs. website analytics
  • You’re Audience
  • You’re Audience

    At a glance quickly see your last 100 visitor’s country, operating system, browser type and screen resolution along with where they came from.

    This is handy for capturing an audience snapshot for any date period that can be used to expose trends such as browser type, location shifts and mobile usage growth.  These findings put purpose behind website enhancements.

    criticone profiles your website traffic showing top Countries, Cities, platform, browser and screen resolution shown in summary, detail or filtered by source/country.

    Sounds complex? Not really, this is all displayed cleanly and supported with a few charts on one page providing you with quick and easy to understand insights.

  • Secure Search [not provided]

    Google no longer passes the searched keyword for visitors logged into any Google services at the time of visiting your website. The Firefox web browser now also uses secure search by default resulting in the same.
    Most stats packages including Google Analytics will show [not provided] in your reports for any secure traffic as above. This number can range from 10% upward making it a big deal.

    Fortunately criticone has a report that allows you to dive deeper into the [not provided] black hole.
    As we know where the traffic went, we can easily display total visits by entry pages. By looking up where each of these visits originated from, we can drill down into top geographic regions for each page. From there on we review the known keyword visits profile for each page in order to provide further insights.

    Suddenly with a click of a button, you can profile and place solid assumptions on what was previously a large group of ghost visitors.

  • Secure Search [not provided]

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