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Understand exposure and ranking with a range of diverse and clear reports

It's estimated that 40%+ of visits go to first position in Google. In addition over 68% of us don't go past the first page of Google search results.

With the introduction of universal search, Google continues to integrate varied search types in order to provide more relevant results.

In today’s universal search results your business may come up as a business map listing, image, news or video. Your position will therefore vary dependent on keywords the visitors search history, location and device be it desktop, tablet or mobile. 

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  • Trend and benchmark
  • Trend and benchmark

    As we check and report on your site and competitors positions in,, & every 7 days, this results in a lot of information.

    criticone provides a weekly visual benchmark letting you quickly review a breakdown of Google's first three search results pages.
    By understanding how many times your site sits in position x of compared to your 4 competitors provides a clear benchmark of who's who.

    A tough one to describe which is why criticone uses visual charts to simplify and explain big data.

  • Shape your strategy

    On a weekly basis criticone captures all your keyword positions within the search engines. We also identify all your website traffic by page and keyword as it happens.

    This identifies the growth potential of hero keywords and pages along with exposing the type of result your coming up for be it an organic or map listing.

    criticone profiles each keyword your monitoring and shows how many sites you’re competing against, Google search trend over time and the effort required to get your page towards the top for each keyword phrase.

    By understanding your position, opportunity and whether the listing type was a map listing, image, news or video allows you to refine your onsite and external content strategy and links to improve your Google position and exposure.

    These insights help shape your online marketing strategy.

  • Shape your strategy
  •  Traffic engagement
  • Traffic engagement

    As your website position in Google improves accross different keywords, understanding traffic and conversions for each is vital.
    Position doesn’t always result in traffic and traffic doesn’t always result in the desired call to action.

    criticone helps you identify earlier on what keywords deliver best results for you. Enabling you to refine targeted keywords and tweak related pages in order to drive stronger outcomes for your business.

  • Competitor exposure

    Monitoring your main online competitors is a key SEO success factor.

    Apart from spotting Google position drops and improvements that allow you to counter-act their initiatives, you can look for position trends across competitors, seasonal changes and how Google changes have impacted both you and competitor's weekly Google positions per keyword phrase.

    As your marketing matures and Google evolves, your online competitors can also change. criticone lets you identify competitors across a number of selected keyword phrases.

    With the ability to easily identify, add and track up-to 4 competitors across all your keyword phrases, there’s really no reason not to keep an eye on the competition.

  •  Competitor exposure

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