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A growing suite of tools helping you understand and grow your online investment

Optimising your online exposure involves research, understanding and doing of tasks. Knowing which tasks drive greater results is crucial.
Having the right tools to provide guidance and support business decisions is the key.

Knowledge . Power . Results . Get Started in 60 Seconds.

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  • The right tools for the job
  • The right tools for the job

    By understanding the power that lies in each marketing initiative and steps required will reduce wasted resources and improve your direction and cost per gain.

    criticone tools are used at every step to gauge and measure providing you with more than just numbers, helping you strengthen your online competitive advantage.

    Content in the shape of a product, service or information AND blogging whether it be within your website or offsite; is used to attract visitors.

    Search engine optimisation includes many facets that are used to back your strategy

    Social media is used to interact with your audience, listen and promote content

    And actionable analytics used to understand what works and areas to focus on

    Online is changing the face of marketing.

    Some businesses will gain more exposure and sales. Others will gradually fall behind and find it increasingly harder to attract the quality and quantity of clients they desire.

    A little knowledge, Power and Results can make a big difference. The choice is yours.

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