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Help finding the best keywords for your business

Human interaction and search typically begins with a keyword. However not all keywords are equal. Some present less opportunity, while others can deliver quicker returns.

Being found in Google search is vital. However, understanding the true value of a keyword is crucial to your online marketing success.

So how do you find your money keywords?

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  • Keyword Challenge
  • Keyword Challenge

    Before commencing any keyword-based online marketing, you need to know:

    • Which keyword phrases will actually result in visits to your website
    • The keywords that are sending visits to your competitor’s sites
    • Actual monthly organic searches performed for each phrase
    • How competitive each keyword is
    • Additional keywords and related phrases relevant to your business
    • How to prioritise your list based on projected benefits and difficulty
  • Keyword Accuracy

    Accurate keyword research provides a solid foundation on which to base your online marketing initiatives. With insight and clarity on how your industry is marketing itself to consumers online, you can fine tune your online message and content, ensuring your using the same keywords your audience use throughout the research/buying cycle.

  • Keyword Accuracy
  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Keyword Opportunity

    Rather than provide you with a long overwhelming list of every keyword variation known to mankind, criticone focuses on keyword phrases known to drive traffic for your industry and competitor’s websites.

    By understanding related and long tail keywords that drive traffic to your competitors along with the opportunity and ease each presents, you can start to put together an achievable strategy to increase your websites organic traffic.

  • Comprehensive yet Simple

    criticone® greatly simplifies keyword research. With just a few inputs, our keyword tool draws on Intel from over 1 trillion unique Google searches from numerous sources, giving you instant access to:

    • Competitors traffic keywords
    • Related phrases
    • Organic search volume estimates
    • A per keyword SEO difficulty score specific to your website
    • Competitiveness and other metrics

    You can then pick low hanging fruit for quick gains while slowly working on more competitive keywords.

  • Comprehensive yet Simple
  • Make or break
  • Make or break

    Using the right keywords can be the difference between a main street store or a quiet alley way. Finding the right phrases can be quite cumbersome. Answers are often based on guesswork and can require extensive comparison and competitor research.

    Some have turned to the Google keyword tool or international software. While a good starting point, Google’s tool is focused on adWords research and falls short with SEO difficulty and other metrics, while within reach international tools have minimal Australian Intel.


  • Keyword Workflow

    From discovery to opportunity and then automatic weekly tracking of your site and competitors, keyword workflow that takes you through the process quickly and smoothly with minimal clicks.

  • Keyword Workflow

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