AdWords real time tracking

Compare results for all your online initiatives side by side

The key to any successful online campaign is effectively identifying goals and tracking your objectives in isolation and side by side.


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  • Holistic tracking
  • Holistic tracking

    Tracking Google Adwords and Fixed Price banner ads side by side with all website traffic streams helps you understand and compare overall and individual performance of each traffic source.

    Being able to quickly compare top level traffic and return allows you to make decisions and drill down on areas of value rather than burning budgets on unrefined pages or poor performing areas.

  • Real time insights

    Marketing opportunities can come and go quickly providing a small window for advancement.

    Having the right data live at your fingertips as the story unfolds ensures you have the power to make quick and educated decisions on the fly rather than having to wait for the next day after the opportunity has lapsed.

  • Real time insights
  • Side by side performance
  • Side by side performance

    It’s all about looking for signals and understanding what is working well and what needs refining.

    By exposing traffic and conversion for each of your AdWord Ad variations you can easily see which ads are not only driving more traffic, but also which are generating a greater return. In addition we will show you the geographic origin for each AdWords website visit.

    This way over time you can remove dead weight and hone your energies on Ad variations that return the biggest bang for buck. A quick top level view allows you to stop making decisions in isolation and start making more holistic decisions by understanding how it impacts overall traffic and conversion performance for AdWords and all other initiatives.

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