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  • Introduction to online intelligence Having a competitive advantage online is crucial to your business success. criticone tools, the edge you need to grow your website traffic
  • Keyword Research Don't waste your time chasing the unknown. Find and focus on money keywords that drive business results for you and your competitors
  • Search Engine Positions Uncover the true connection between your Google exposure and business outcomes with a range of diverse yet clear reports
  • Website Traffic Not all traffic is equal. Real time visitor stats with layered SEO insights helping you identify valuable traffic locations, sources and keywords
  • Social Media Monitoring Track your social footprint from follows through to clicks and how each drives website traffic and outcomes
  • AdWords real time tracking Having the right data live at your fingertips as the story unfolds ensures you have the power to make quick and educated decisions on the fly
  • Back-link Analysis How do you know whether links pointing to your website are helping or harming your Google exposure? We find, profile and compare links against your competitors
  • Website health check, testing and audit Expose hard to find website issues impacting your visitors and Google exposure. Includes broken links, spelling, duplicate content; with recommendations/ severity
  • Tools Having the right tools in one place can make a big difference to your business success