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In 2012, 5 billion Google searches occured each day. As of July 2013 this had increased to 12.9 billion

That's almost 50% more people searching online for product and service related information compared to 2011 and a whopping 50%+ six months later mid 2013.

How are you being found online?

Do you know;

  1. The most common phrases typed into Google for your industry?
  2. How easy it would be for your business to get to page 1 of Google for each phrase?
  3. How much more traffic and conversions you would receive or lose if your site moved up or down in Google?
  4. What your competitors are doing online?
  5. How you compare with your competitors in Google for important phrases?
  6. What people typed in to find your site along with location?
  7. What simple changes will help improve your Google exposure?
How can you grow and learn if you have nothing to react to?

Now more than ever having the correct information at your fingertips is a key factor when it comes to being  successful online.

criticone® provides Google, competitor and social media insights and visibility.

By reducing the unknown our clients are able to focus on what actually works.

Results include 200%+ increase in traffic/ leads and industry domination online.

Not convinced? criticone® online insights will give you the control to focus your marketing based on educated decisions, while the automation will save you time and money in labour.

The included website health check will review your website pages and expose any issues impacting your Google exposure!

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