Once off Website Health Check or monthly Search iQ plans. Simple & flexible

Website Health Check

Uncover those hard to find website issues that impact your Google exposure and visitor experience. From technical to content with recommendations.
Save time and eliminate nasty surprises with a once off..
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Litewebsite health check

$49  / once off

  • Crawl up-to 20 pages
  • Onsite analysis
  • Group issues by severity
  • Total issues per group
  • Login & upgrade option
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Small Bizwebsite health check

$99  / once off

  • Crawl up-to 35 pages
  • Deeper Analysis & details
  • Compare Top 5 Google sites
  • Performance score & advice
  • 5 page/keyword variations
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Prowebsite health check

$149  / once off

  • Crawl up-to 200 pages
  • Deeper Analysis & details
  • Compare Top 5 Google sites
  • Performance score & advice
  • 10 page/keyword variations
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Search iQ

Drive more of the right visitors and leads from Google and Social to your website. Expose industry trends and keywords that work for your business.
Say Goodbye to vanity metrics and hello to actionable reports with monthly..
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Small Bizsearch IQ

$79  / per month

  • Track 1 website or blog
  • Social & Google reporting
  • Keyword research
  • 500 Keywords, 5000 links
  • Lite Health Check included
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Prosearch IQ

$99  / per month

  • Track 1 website or blog
  • Social & Google reporting
  • Keyword research
  • 1500 Keywords, 10000 links
  • Small Biz Health Check included
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Pro Plussearch IQ

$179  / per month

  • Track 2 websites or blogs
  • Social & Google reporting
  • Keyword research
  • 2500 Keywords, 15000 links
  • 2 x Pro Health Checks
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FREE website health check No credit card required

All monthly & annual plans include:

  • Access to knowledgebase and support
  • Learn & overcome challenges with Webinar topic input & access to previous sessions
  • Weekly Google keyword positions for your website & competitors
  • Identify money keywords by comparing Google keyword positions & traffic for each  
  • Understand who links to your website along with strength & profile of each.
  • Track your performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Linked In
  • Track & compare all your website traffic and sources including newsletters & social media
  • Competitor keyword discovery, difficulty & opportunities
  • Benchmark your Google performance against your online competitors
  • Discounted website health checks

Questions? We're Here to Help

How do I qualify for a free website health check trial?

To keep the trial free, you will need an active business email address* that you have access to and only one (1) free trial will be offered per website domain name.
The trial is a limited offer and can be discontinued without notice.
*Gmail and other free mail services are not valid. 

Do I need a credit card for the free website health check?

No. We do not collect credit card information when you sign up for the limited website health check offer. Enter it when you're ready to upgrade to a paid plan.

What happens at the end of my trial?

We hope you see the value in ongoing monitoring and chose to upgrade to one of our affordable paid plans. If not, there's no need to cancel anything. We will hold onto your data for one month after which your account will become inactive and your data permanently deleted.

What payment options do you provide?

Billing is via Paypal however if you wish to pay annually by invoice, please email  prior to signup.

Is there a discount for yearly plans?

Yes. select a yearly plan at anytime and pay in advance. As a thankyou gesture you will receive your 12th month free.

Do you provide volume or non-profit discounts?

Yes. We're happy to work with companies and departments on volume pricing.

We also offer educational and non-profits a 15% discount.

Please contact for more information.

Why should I use criticone?

Online marketing can be expensive when you’re not monitoring or measuring the right things for effectiveness. In essence wasting your resources and funds by stumbling in the dark with trial and error.

Here is a quick marketing cost comparison;

SEO consultant $120+ per hour

SEO $300 - $1,000 per month

AdWords $1,000 -$7,000+ per month

criticone® knowledge, power and results from $59 per month
The knowledge and tools to grow your business online.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use criticone?

no, criticone® lives in the cloud.

That means there’s no need to download and install software on your computer or worry about compatibility, security, updates, backup or other technical issues. Once your criticone® account is activated, you can access the platform and tools securely from most desktop and mobile devices with internet access and the latest browser software organisation wide.

YES, criticone® is accessible even when you’re on the go. In addition, your staff can access the platform when and where they need it.  

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

We offer support suited to your needs. You can;

visit criticone.zendesk.com

write to us at

or call us at 1300 664 550. We'd be happy to chat with you.