Stop Kony 2012 - invisible children- Social Media campaign

Posted: 9/03/2012ICreated by: Paul Sideridis

Racking up just under 50 million You Tube views in 5 days, the Kony 2012 campaign has become a global name.

The Kony 2012, Invisible children campaign otherwise known as Stop Kony has demonstrated how easily global attention and potential influence can be applied irrespective of location or borders.

Although the campaign has attracted both positive and negative attention from around the globe, from a campaign and brand perspective it has been well executed and maintained.

No one was safe from this campaign, demonstrating the true power of Social Media.
Kony 2012 has set new benchmarks for what can be achieved through Social Media.

Keeping in mind that in the past, popular You Tube videos have taken 3-6 months to reach 50 million views, here are some of the statistics;

Top 5 Kony related searches:
  1. Joseph kony
  2. kony 2012 (up 350%)
  3. invisible children (up 250%)
  4. Joseph kony 2012
  5. kony kit
Google global search activity for the above 5 phrases. Interesting how Google is showing USA with the least activity. Based on Twitter activity in that region alone, would question this!?;

Google News has indexed more than 4,850 Kony 2012 based articles from varied news sources. Given Google is constantly indexing new content, one could assume this number will grow much higher as new articles are found.

Kony 2012 video statistics as of 3rd March 2012;

  • 49.6 million views. (At time of publishing was increased on average 3 million every 1.5hrs!)
    • 15,056,327 views from mobile devices
    • 5,975,618 views from within Facebook
  • 1.08 million likes
  • 42,000 dislikes
The video’s penetration on You Tube was global while gender viewing stats for logged in users were;
  • Female 13-17
  • Male 18-24
  • Male 13-17
  • 14.3 million views
    • 8.2 million views on March 7 alone
  • Embeded video views 5,975,618
  • likes 527,560
  • followers 18,560
Twitter activity that included the keywords Kony, invisible children or Joseph Kony;

twitter kony 2012 social media trending stats

This provides us with an insight into how future world changing messages could be spread with no barriers or borders.

Social Media presents us with the tools to persuade and influence others thinking. Of course, just like branding and other marketing mediums, not everyone is going to use them effectively or benefit equally.

So what can small to medium business learn from this?

  1. Brand is important
  2. Your message and delivery needs to be compelling
  3. Although positive and negative emotions such as laughter and frustration evoke sharing, ensure the overall message and brand experience is positive.
  4. Misusing such tools can backfire and create consumer backlash
  5. When interacting with your audience, be polite and maintain a common ground
  6. Be prepared to back up your story, claims
  7. Remember your objectives, be consistent and Stay on track
For those who think this is a scam, here’s what Oprah has to say; oprah winfrey twitter kony 2012

Want more?

Here is how funds are spent with approximately 1/3 of revenue in 2011 directly assisting Central Africa programs.

And just incase you wanted to see the video again, here it is;

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Paul    |    April 02, 2012
The Jason Russel meltdown in Santiago resulted in him being hospitalised.

This further highlights the real implications that Social Media and the mass exposure - criticism can create.

The public meltdown of Jason Russel has left a measurable impact on the Social Media campaign, his family and everyone around him.

Youtube views have stalled at 86,529.081 while criticism has now overtaken likes with dislikes now at 139,814.

Yet another example of how Social Media criticism can easily spiral out of control and impact more than the campaign.
Tim    |    March 15, 2012
Amazing figures.
Just checked and the video is at 78 million views.
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What's your website hiding from you that Google doesn't like?

Expose and understand those technical glitches holding your site back in Google.