Content Marketing - 6 steps to great content for your website

Posted: 3/02/2014ICreated by: Paul Sideridis

Like any marketing initiative, your online strategy should reach out to your target audience, and this should be backed by substance – a strategy that drives a connection or a predefined outcome.

While Google dominates the Australian search landscape with a 91% market share, until recently, many websites have been able to exploit gaps left by Google achieving quick gains.

The tables are turning now. With Google’s further advances in automation and machine learning these short-term gains are changing to long-term losses. Web owners are now faced with laboriously removing bad links, content and other shady SEO practices that have begun to impact their online exposure.

Like any medium, the web is constantly evolving. Practitioners seeking short-term gains are now being left behind in the dust.

As Google turns up the heat on black hat SEO, every online business has been forced to re-assess its online marketing approach and begin looking for ways to grow its online reputation, reach and visibility.

Content Marketing - 6 steps to great content for your website

So what’s changed? If you’re already creating content that entertains, educates, inspires and convinces your audience, the short answer is not much. You may simply need to evolve and tweak your approach while including social media in the mix.

But if you’ve been depending on outsourced link building as your only form of online exposure/traffic generation or keywords in your domain name, then it’s time to review, identify and put in place an online communication/ content marketing strategy plan right now.

Why is unique and fresh content written specifically for my site so important? Web users seek different types of information throughout the sales cycle, including:
  • Broad to targeted research
  • ValidationAvailability
  • Location
  • Pricing. 

By understanding and providing your audience with the information they seek throughout this process, you’re bound to improve your brand awareness, exposure, credibility and, ultimately, sales.

Why? Because great, relevant content that’s promoted effectively can result in mentions and links via:

  • Social media
  • Forum sites
  • Blogs
  • Review sites
  • Etc.
Good content is highly influential. It helps you build relationships with your potential audience.

the content marketing matrix - first 10 & smart inisghts

Think about it. Perception rules – first impressions stick – and never more so than on the web. There’s nothing worse than visiting a new website only to find it has very little to offer you.

While many claim content is king, we’re not saying build it and they will come. However promoting good content that educates and provides value for your target audience creates ‘stick-ability.’ It motivates others to promote you directly or indirectly.

Online marketing doesn’t just happen – at its best it’s a combination of good content, strategy and effective monitoring.

What you need to do

Before you rush off to get started with your content communication/ strategy we recommend you:

1. Understand your brand.

    • Your product/service stands for something – it has a brand/voice
    • Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. This helps you cut through the noise, identify your USP (unique selling proposition), and exploit opportunities within your niche
    • Align your strengths and opportunities with your brand values
    • Outline what key offering/positioning you can own/leverage off with your message/content
    • Ensure your tone of voice/message is consistent.

2. Understand your audience

    • Identify and document your typical clients profile (personas) including traits, personality, influences
    • Review and survey your clients, commencing from thoughts on your product/service through to specific buying factors and triggers
    • Categorise client personas so you can define value and key triggers for each. This step is vital and all marketing should be checked off against this for effectiveness.

3. Brainstorm ideas and concepts

    • Define/Refine your USP and tie this in with your positioning and tone of voice
    • Research your competitors and what they are doing online across multiple platforms – search engines, third party sites or social media
    • Use research tools such as and Google insights to find trending keywords and topics that will assist in greater content exposure
    • Broaden your horizons, potential customers use varied phrases and approaches when searching for a solution to their problem or needs. Understand and cater to this.

4. Identify platforms/mediums

    • Based on your audience’s traits, which platforms are most suited and allow you to connect, interact and influence your customers?
    • Identify proven or potential/test mediums/platforms – innovation is key
    • Ensure you monitor and measure each initiative, platform and medium to keep your marketing initiatives cost effective and targeted.

5. Document a simple or in depth content plan

    • Your strategy may be complex or detailed. That’s fine, as long as you have the time or resources
    • Big or small, ensure your plan is manageable and achievable
    • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Small steps allow for more effective delivery
    • Ensure you have the right resources. A plan is only as great as its execution.

6. Review and evolve

    • Nothing is written in concrete. Make sure you measure initiatives and learn from them. You can then evolve your approach and drive stronger outcomes for your entity
    • Understand industry and seasonal trends and monitor how these impact search, traffic and outcomes for your business. Only then can you understand true gains or losses. 

What's your website hiding from you that Google doesn't like?

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What's your website hiding from you that Google doesn't like?

Expose and understand those technical glitches holding your site back in Google.