A True Partner Model

Help your clients online and say Goodbye smoke and mirrors and hello clarity

criticone® partner solutions enable you to;

  • Audit prospect websites
  • Review and amend websites prior to deployment
  • Automatically asses existing client websites and offer value added consulting
  • Reduce time spent assessing and reviewing online marketing
  • Provide streamlined competitor and industry insights
  • Offer automated SEO, Social and Analytics reporting to current and potential clients
  • Spend less time assessing and more time implementing what generates outcomes
  • Generate leads through licensed yet public facing free website assessments

Partners can also participate in the future vision, features, product development, and data capabilities of our search engine optimisation platform.

We are local, share knowledge and work together with our partners towards common goals. 

Our tracking, reporting and communication tools streamline daily business tasks, increasing your resources and online outcomes through knowledge, rules and automation.

Resellers/Solution Providers

criticone® is a unique solution with distinctive benefits. Resellers are offered local support and provided with the tools enabling them to deliver value added services from the insights and findings criticone® provides. Grow your revenue as you help your clients keep ahead of the competition and create stronger client engagement. 


Advertising, Media, & PR Agencies

At criticone®, we work closely with our partners. Their feedback and requests influence the evolution of our product.

That means we’re always in-line with our client’s expectations and exceeding their needs.

Enterprise Solutions

criticone® is delivered as an integrated service, however dedicated and white label options are also available.

Dedicated options range from application isolation through to a dedicated server.

White label options can be varied and include re-branding so you can set your own pricing structure.

As each enterprise solution is different, we work through your exact requirements to customise a result that works for your business.

Contact us today to discover how criticone® can benefit your business and clients.

criticone® partner solutions enables your company to have vision and input into future features, product development and data capabilities. Contact us today to find out how this can benefit your company.


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