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Our goal is to empower Australian businesses to evolve and grow online

Many businesses are not using the internet to its potential. A lack of knowledge, resources and independent advice has deterred initial or further investment, impacting their success rate.

With overseas players using online media to penetrate the Australian market, it’s crucial that Australian businesses – both large and small – become better informed of online marketing.

With over 17 years of internet experience, Paul Sideridis heads up criticone®. Having previously owned and sold a successful web design agency it was clear that Australian businesses needed a local independent trustworthy advisor.
Unfortunately, due to budget constraints many were not prepared to pay a consultant or agency the dollars required, or simply outsourced the whole solution, ultimately risking – and in many cases impacting – their online exposure and business revenue.

This fueled the development of an in-house product that has evolved over the years, now known as criticone®.

Our goal at criticone® is to help agencies and businesses grow organically by understanding, investing and engaging in the right areas online. We pride ourselves in being Australian owned and operated, allowing us to tend to the needs of the local business community.

Our affordable online tools are independent, easy to use, and empower businesses and agencies with cutting edge data, technology and focus.

Our product is constantly evolving and includes innovative features that provide insight knowledge into our client’s market.

There's lots of content, talk and advice on the web, which is great. criticone® hopes that by using our automated measuring and recommendations, businesses can economically gain more knowledge, power and results.

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